In 2001, a new bowling center, Dolfijn Bowling, was opened in Tilburg. An old factory hall was updated with 20 bowling alleys, a bar and a restaurant. This cozy bowling center soon found a place in the hearts of many visitors from Tilburg and the surrounding area. The name Dolfijn can be traced to the owners, the Dol family.

A new activity was added in 2013. A special world was created in a room behind the bowling alleys with glow in the dark mini golf. This Goolfy Mini Golf was also a great success.

In the summer of 2015, the interior of the bowling center was thoroughly renovated. With a new floor, plumbing and new furniture, the center was ready for the future. However, fate struck on Friday 25 March 2016. A fierce fire completely destroyed the building. Fortunately there were no casualties but the bowling center was completely lost.

Immediately plans where made for a new Dolfijn Bowling, but it took until June 2017 before the new building could actually start.

The new center, which was officially opened on February 4th 2018, is more spacious. With 24 bowling lanes, a new Goolfy Mini Golf, Escape Room, a first floor with plenty of games and various other activities, it is more than a bowling center. The old name was therefore exchanged for Dolfijn – The Plays To Be.

Dolfijn has a great history for sports bowling. It is the home of an EBT stop, in 2012 the EWC were held in Dolfijn and a lot of national events are held in Dolfijn. The 24 lanes are equipped with the latest innovations and six lanes are equipped with SPECTO. The center also holds a pro shop.

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