Experimental, Raw, Contrary, Energetic, Social and Humour! They are the six words that describe Tilburg best. Traditionally, it has been a region consisting of different hamlets linked together. A city with a rich history in textiles, an industrial city, streetwise and undergoing an unprecedented transformation! A surprising city and love at second sight, a city of makers and doers. Tilburg is also a city with daring, we do new things and sometimes we fall, but we get up again! Tilburg is a city by everyone, for everyone, to which everyone can contribute. A city where the people are prepared to help each other and mean something for others. A city that we are proud to present to you.

The shopping area is the central axis through the city, and an ideal start for a visit. Tilburg really becomes fun when you start exploring it! Visit the Railway zone, the lively squares with cafes and restaurants, the surprising Meandering area or the creative Cattle market quarter. Want to relax for a moment? The best relaxation is found in the Piushaven, the courtyards and urban parks. Travel on one of the many organised waterway trips or rent a boat for your own exploration!

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