When you dream about playing a big final, what do you see? You see a good pair of lanes and ten pins of course. Your teammates are beside you and your coach is giving you all the confidence you need. But there’s more, right? You see cameras to record every pin you take down. And when you hit that strike, what do you hear? Exactly: there’s a big crowd, wearing the colors of your team, cheering for you and your team!

Together with ETBF, the Dutch Bowling Federation, the city of Tilburg and Valcke Bowling we will provide the lanes, the pins, the cameras, the crowds and the perfect stage to play the finals. The only thing you have to do is #ChaseYourDreams and make it to the finals of the Team and/or Masters Event of this year’s EYC.

With all the respect for Dolfijn – The Plays To Be – and bowling centers in general, most of them don’t have the space to create a ‘dream worthy’ setting to play big finals. So we searched for something else and with the help of the city of Tilburg, we found it. We are happy to present to you: The Koepelhal. This is where the 2021 EYC Masters and Team finals will be played in at September 18th.

When we found a great location, we needed the most essential thing to play a bowling final: lanes! Valcke Bowling, partner of the Dutch Bowling Federation, liked our plans and joined us in our mission to create the Finals Day you dream of. Without the contribution of Valcke Bowling, we would be left with dreams and dreams only, but Valcke Bowling is making it possible to realize what we had in mind. And we are really thankful for that!

Bowling Festival
We invite all bowling fans across Europe to come to Tilburg on September 18th to join us at our Bowling Festival. At the main stage, the Masters and Team Finals will be played. But there’s more: You can show your own skills at our mobile lanes, you can play a game of e-bowling, enjoy lovely food and drinks, check out new bowling stuff at our little market place and last but not least: meet other bowling fans to enjoy a great day of bowling, the sport we all love so much and which can use a bit of positive promotion across the continent.

Here’s a sneak peak of our plans for September 18th:

We expect to see you there!

#ChaseYourDreams #EYCbowling

Picture above: Tarik Lahouari (Valcke), Edwin van Delden (EYC 2021) and Dimitri Lavinal (Valcke)