We were all looking forward for 2020 to come to an end, knowing what impact the crisis had on our private and professional lives. 2021 is only two weeks old, but now it is not any better than 2020. Due to the current situation in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, we see no other option than to postpone the EYC 2021. This means it will not take place next March and April.

This decision has been made this week after consulting the organizing committee, ETBF, the city of Tilburg and all EYC partners. We understand this is another disappointment for all players, staff, volunteers, and fans involved.

Besides the fact that at this moment all bowling centers in The Netherlands are closed, at least until February 9th, we also received a lot of signals the last few weeks from federations all over the continent, that it is just not possible to prepare for the EYC at a level which is needed for an event like this. We especially feel for all those talents across Europe who just cannot wait to pick up their balls again and compete.

The upcoming weeks will be used by ETBF and the Dutch Bowling Federation to find a new period in which we can organize the EYC 2021. This will not be before this year’s summer.

We hope all federations, coaches, managers, and players (and their parents) understand this decision. We also realize this may raise questions. We will collect all the questions we receive on eyc2021@etbfchampionships.eu  and try to answer the questions a.s.a.p. Finding a new period for the event has our focus now, so it may take a little longer before we have answered your questions.

We keep chasing our dreams and hope you do to! Look after each other a little bit more than you normally do, and we expect to see you in Tilburg later this year. In good health.