We had to wait for it, but after 2,5 years, we can finally welcome 22 federations in Tilburg for the European Youth Championships 2021. The first teams have arrived and the first unofficial practice sessions are done.

It’s great to see all the different teams in the center and it makes us even more curious for all the new talent from Europe. What will the level of play be after the lockdown we had to deal with.

Friday will be another day of unofficial practice (teams can find the bus schedule here) and on Saturday official practice will start and afterwards we will organize the opening ceremony.

Live streaming and scoring
We are already getting a lot of question where people can find live streaming. We will try to stream the opening ceremony, but we are not sure if we will make it. Starting from Sunday, our goal is to stream all the lanes. You will find the right link on our homepage from Sunday.

For live scoring, you can prepare by already downloading the Lanetalk app. Go to www.lanetalk.com for more information. 

When you go to ‘Results’ in our menu, you will find all the participants, all the line-ups, all the scores and all the rankings. 

We cannot wait for the first scores to appear on the screens.

In the meantime, make sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook for updates and more. #eycbowling